Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Buying Smaller - The Cons

Recently we highlighted a few benefits of owning/living in a smaller arrangement. i.e. downsizing or reducing your "lebensraum."

What irks you about these living arrangements? Normally in apartments as opposed to houses you will find yourself living 'smaller.'

This week we look at some of the detriments associated that cramps your style...

Negative 1 - Less Control

You have got slack strata managers, poorly trained/careless real estate agents, fellow tenants and neighbours, executive committees, sub committees and stubborn owners and minorities holding a building back. This lack of control can really affect some people. Beware the fun police and beware the constant meddling into each others affairs!

Negative 2 - Space (lack thereof)

Yes, this one is pretty obvious. With most smaller properties, the lack of internal and external space (balconies, decks etc) can impact on 'your quiet enjoyment' of a property. Not having the ability to simply sun bake nude (if you so wish) or escape from the world and worry about peering neighbours, can cause concern for some people! Having your kids, partner or your flatmate seemingly everywhere in your abode can be mind numbing as well. To prepare, think about how much room you have now and assess what your dynamics will be in the future as well.

Negative 3 - You can't host (as many) family and friends

Some may argue this is a great thing! Having no room for sleepovers for friends and families can upset the in-laws, visiting children and cause a nuisance when you have dear friends wanting to visit and spend some time with you. I guess that is what a hotel is for...

Negative 4 - Organisational skills

As you have less cupboard space now and you may have downsized to an apartment, it is unlikely you now have a garage, shed, man cave or storage - your ability to hold onto past materials and memories will be reduced. You will have to find your "de-clutter self" and be more organised to put away toys, bikes, clothes etc to keep the living arrangement with some semblance of order. Can you handle throwing away all your 'precious'?

Negative 5 - A good party

Having a large property can mean having a large party and entertaining people on your deck, lawn or having a 6 burner sizzling away the magic from the BBQ. You may even have to downsize your friends list!

Of course we like to stay positive and these are just some elements that may sway a decision or two.
That's enough from us, what are some of your gripes in living smaller? As we age, don't we get smaller anyway?!

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